Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Japanese Swiss Roll

I used to share the joy of baking with this group, KBB, I did baking as well as photography challenges , it was good time we have had. I started having hard time to fulfill challenge as my life getting demanding at that time. So I quit. Hibernating from online life. And when I get back... It was slow pace I could afford. I told arfi if I can do baking challenge without joint back to the group. I have gotten her consent.  So I will inshaAllah  do my best !

I saw beautiful roll cake (swissroll) with attractive pattern through Pinterest  for the first time, that's before I realized Japanese swiss roll  was booming, and after finding out this month challenge's recipe is Japanese swissroll, I'm more than happy to answer. And I still wanted to make swirl pattern I saw first time at pinterest, love at the first sight :) . Recipe used from Kedai Rachma, she is amazing woman with her love and passion  of baking.  I had trouble reading recipe's methods though , so I went to her website, to find similar recipe with different methods.

 Searching and understanding recipe.

 Recipe is for 2 tins of 20 x 20 cm ,  though I used 1 tin with 23 x 23 cm size , which came out this thick.

 Really soft texture, with creamy filling. Will stop me from visiting Japanese bakery :) 

My roll was  a bit burnt as I used lower heat for more than 20 minutes, and my oven has different temperature to original recipe, so adjust temperature to how u normally work with swissroll baking.

Second attempt using large tin 30.5 x 41 cm, bake time reduced to exactly 20 minutes, used lower heat for 10 minutes and upper heat for the rest. I added coffee oil, it was amazing.

Oops.. jelly mark won't come off from my square tin. 


Adapted from : Junko's book

Modified by : Rachmah Setyawati

Batter 1

  • 4 egg yolks
  • 40 g castor sugar
  • 40 cc canola oil 
  • 60 cc water
  • 80 g flour
Decoration batter
  • 60 g egg white
  • 15 g castor sugar
  • 10 g cornstarch flour
Batter 2

  • 160 - 175 g egg white
  • 0,5 g salt
  • 50 g castor sugar
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 15 g cornstarch flour
  • 1 tbs blueberry paste (I skipped this)
  • Non dairy fresh cream

Batter 1

Beat egg yolks, gradually adding sugar, until the yolks are a pale yellow , gradually pour oil, continue with water and flour until combine well, set aside.

Decorative batter

Place the egg white in a clean mixing bowl, add some part of sugar, mix it until frothy. Add remaining sugar and mix in medium speed until it gets glossy and soft peak form batter. Pour cornstarch flour, mix well.  Add 5 tbs of batter 1, fold well and ready to use as decoration. Add food coloring to your choice pour in icing bag.

Prepare large swissroll tin or divide into 2 tins of 20 x 20 cm , butter or oil  lightly, add baking liner (draw your pattern with pencil and put baking liner with the pencil side down) don't spray oil or butter at this stage, start pipe the pattern. chill in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Batter 2
Place the egg white in a clean mixing bowl and some part of sugar, mix until frothy. Add remaining sugar and mix in medium speed until you get glossy and soft peak form batter.
Add lemon juice, whisk lightly. add cornstarch flour, mix for a while until soft peak form. Set aside.
Take a 1/3 of this batter and combine into batter 1 (yolk mixture), fold lightly. Add second 1/3 of this batter (white egg batter) , fold lightly.Add remaining batter fold until well combine.

Take tin with decorative liner out from the freezer. Gently pour the mixture of batter 1 and 2 and spread evenly with spatula or dough scraper. Bake for 20-25 minutes in 165 degree Celsius at middle rack.

To assemble Swiss roll

Carefully turn the baked sponge cake onto a piece of baking paper.
Slowly peel off the attached baking paper from the cake.
Place a new piece of baking paper over the sponge. Invert the sponge again.
Leave it cool before spreading evenly with a layer of cream.
Roll the cake up tightly to form a swiss roll. Wrap with cling wrap and chill in the fridge. Slice to serve.


  1. welcome back :) I know you are so busy, but glad you posting something pretty ,mak Rita..

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