Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Coconut Milk Cake (Kue Talam)

Winters here. It's 7 o'clock in the morning and strong winds outside, we all wanted to snuggle under blankets. Kids on school holiday for two weeks, and today is officially second day of holidays. The good things is I'm off from work for a while during their holiday.

melbourne autumn

No birds with their joyfully chirping, quite on the contrary just squeaky sounds of awning being blew by strong winds. I was snuggling on my bed too, with a coffee mug on my sidetable and notebook on my laps. Winter is the time for home, I don't think my girls like this idea. Holiday is the time to have fun outside. They'll have some activities inside, still though outside is way more fun. Let's wait the weather later this afternoon then..

Ok ..today's food is the food come from our root. I keep introducing some of my homeland food to my girls. My childhood delicacies. Most of them rejected though. Some were devoured with their funny face.

As this kue talam too, they like it especially the green one. Originally green color made from kind of plant called suji
(Pleomele angustifolia). The color is obtained by mixing the leaves with water and grinding, then sieving. It is used to color and flavor many of Indonesian sweet treats. Only I can't find this ingredient in here, so I used pandanus paste (pasta pandan) which is can be found in Asian grocery here in Melbourne.

coconut milk cake

Coconut Milk Cake (Kue Talam)

- 500ml coconut milk
- 100g sugar
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 100g rice flour
- 30g tapioca flour
- pandanus paste and chocolate paste to color.

-Silicon cups

- On the sauce pan, bring coconut milk to a boil, remove from the heat, mix in sugar and salt. Let cool slightly.
- In the bowl mix flours and add coconut milk mixture gradually. Add colors. Stir well.
- Pour in silicon cups and steam for about 10 to 15 minutes.


  1. Simple and easy... nice photo shot.......love the colour ^_^

  2. duhh ngacay dengan sukses nih :P, aku dari dulu mau bikin kepentok sama tapioca..susah banget disini mbak :(((

  3. ia bener mbak, anak2 emang musti tau jajanan tanah air. Cuman payah nih daku suka gak telaten bikin jajan pasar.

  4. Oooh...I loveee Kue Talam! Makan satu aja gak cukup :D. Aku pengen bikin aahh. Kebetulan bahan2nya ada semua. Tapi aku punya cetakan silikon yg gede...huhuhu. Padahal kan bentuknya lucu kalo kecil2 ya.

  5. selalu kereeee.....nice shot!!!!1

  6. Terima kasih sudah mampir ke tempat ku , ijin di link yah :-)

    foto2 nya enak di pandang, suka liat bentuk bangunan yang keq bangunan lama gitu..cakepp.

  7. I just realized I forgot to post the actual award on my blog! I'll do it later this evening when I get home from work :) - you can copy and paste it onto your blog from there :).

  8. margarets : thanks

    elsye: tapioca buat lenturin aza, jadi klo gak pakek gak papa, cuman beda kekenyalan

    dita: yang ini mah gampuang banget dit, lebih gampang dr cupcake

    sheilla: cetakan plastik juga howkyeh kok sheil....yang baru pulang liburan... apa nih oleh2nya

    rita: thanks mbak

    fitri: silahkan klo mo ngelink, thanks say

    mindy: ambil klo bisa kekekkkk

    shopie: thanks sophie i'll grab it right away.

  9. photonya bagus, warnanya enak dilihat.

  10. kok sehati ya, seminggu ini aku pengen banget bikin kue talam, tapi mikir lagi siapa yang makan....:)

  11. cantik...cantik...mau tuh dikasih sepiring yg foto dibawah... sama piring2nya...qiqiq... disini ga ada pandan flavor:(

    btw... rumahnya bagus banget Jeng Rit?;)

  12. Kue talam pake loyang kecil-kecil lucu juga ya mbak?! senang deh ngeliat fotonya, simple but elegance ;)

  13. Ohhh Rita, coba donk ah di kirim itu talam nya qiqiqii.
    kue ini gw blon pernah coba bikin say, makannya doank yg suka hehehe

    btw, nice shot! suka sama bangunan gedungnya. Cantik!

  14. I love this kueh. Especially the heavy coconut taste. Your photos are amazing!

  15. Kueh Talam used to be my favourite kueh - I always liked how the white coconut layer on top was usually slightly salty. These days I'm not so much into kuehs but seeing that picture of the ones you made, brought back memories. I didn't realise the colour came from suji (not familiar with that plant).. I thought it came straight from the pandan leaf.

  16. yiy...aku suka piringnya! minta dong dibeliin hahaha...kue2nya sih tentu aja cantik, ijo royo2...


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