Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bento With Birthday Card

Bento with birthday card

Yes, this is the overdue update which I have been putting off for the past week .

I was yearning the time when I was standing up in front self of baby's food in supermarket. where I got something for my babies or at least idea what to feed my babies. And here I was looking for something for my kids who are actually not a baby anymore. And I found unique shape of pasta. An alphabet shape. I was expecting to get the shape of animal or flower like I got before when they are still baby, but this shape is not half bad either.

This sort of pasta is tiny and I admitted that it was difficult to work with, I arranged "birthday card" at night before, using tweeter and it slightly bigger in the morning as they absorbed more dumbness from carrot.

The sausage was shaped with tulip cutter then boiled. Accompanied with tempura chicken and grapes.

It was quite surprise for her who usually got the card in the form of paper. She gave me a big hug for this. I sent also cupcakes for her to celebrate with her friends and teachers. Happy birthday baby !

Mini cupcakes


  1. how adorable. i would sink my teeth in that cupcake anytime. The photos look amazing.

  2. ini juga cakepppp....hihihi...ada yang ultah yaa :D met ultahhh yaaaa

  3. Met ultah yang ke 7 ya bella, rit no hpnya ganti lagi ya. Sun cayang dari jauh semoga menjadi anak yang sholeh dan pinter + rajin kayak mummynya...

    Bentonya cantik Rit...

  4. bakmie goreng kesukaankuuu hehehe plus sosis..the cupcakes are calling me...ritaaaaa comeeee and get meee

  5. ah, and happy belated bday to the bday girl :)

  6. hi..hi..mau jadi anak nya mbak...
    mommy nya rajin n creative...
    pasti tiap hari diksh makan yg yummy2 n cute....
    mau........ ^_*

  7. Hi Rita..salam buat Bella...Happy B'day yach...I pray that "All blessings from heaven above become your portion and tambah pintar sekolahnya"...

    Pasta alphabetnya itu pernah saya liat di toko..dan tanya ama orang2..katanya dibuat sup...kayaknya pernah beli juga dech buat keponakanku...

    Your kids must be so proud to have a creative mum...


  8. Thanks everyone for your appreciations and your wishing for Bella's birthday ... muachhh....

  9. pasti bella seneng ya..mamanya pinter n creative, Mbak rita cetakan huruf happy birthdaynya pakai apa mbak?


  10. Lia: Hallo Lia... gak pakek cetakan say, pakek pasta.. tinggal di rebus trus disusun ^__^


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