Monday, October 31, 2011

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Early this month, we drove up to Silvan.{ I know ... another late reportage, I've tried to run this blog better than before, seems that the word lethargic was closest link to my energy level. I'll do my best to keep this blog updated though. It helps me to balance my brain from the subject that I face these days}Well, it was bright sunny day, we enjoyed soaking up in the prettiness of tulip festival.

The place called Tesselaar, as my knowledge this place run by Dutch community and only open sometime around middle of September and October. This is what I love being in a Spring. Tulip, ranunculus, iris,, soaking up in the sun and flowers, how good is Spring. You'll find anything Dutch in here. I've got my self  Dutch souvenirs and joined the queue for Dutch's traditional pancake, poffertjes.


I have no more words to say, my pictures do...


  1. beautiful captures mak Rit...
    wes spring yo...andaikan itu terjadi di doha :D....salam buat "mr T "

  2. Thanks mak, springgg yay... musim mekar mekaran nih... kapan donk maen kesini, siap jd guide. salam balek dr mr tyrex hehehe


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