Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chocolate Tiramisu

This is the simplest tiramisu that I have ever made, I had a chocolate cake before hand though, it called Brownie Kukus translated as steamed brownie, kinda cakey brownie, well, I must say it is more like a chocolate cake to me. Quite famous in Indonesian cakery.

The tiramisu cream was what the simple one in this cake. I was, sort of running out of time to make such impresive dessert, and there was mascarpone waiting on the fridge, search in the internet simple tiramisu recipe and stumbled across Gordon Ramsay's eggless, quick and easy tiramisu. Well, it's true, it's not like common tiramisu without egg. But .. hey the taste is not bad at all... I would say excellent.

Steamed Brownie

by : Sahak Pribadi

Ingredient A
100 gr Dark cooking Chocolate
150 gr Butter

Ingredient B
5 eggs
200 gr sugar
1 tbs elmusifier, (it's called TBM or SP you could find in any Indonesia groceries, or you can swap it with sweet condense milk)

Ingredient C
100 gr plain flour
20 gr corn flour
40 gr milk powder
40 gr cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
5 gr baking powder

1. Prepare a large steamer with the lined square pan which can fit onto the steamer, add the water in the bottom part of the pan.( It's important to put a baking paper on the cake pan as you need to divide the mixture in to 2 batch to get this cake quickly done )
2. Over double boiling pot melt chocolate and butter, set aside to cool down
3. Mix "B ingredients" aprox. 7 minutes, using whisker add gradually chocolate mixture
4. Add C ingredients, gradually
5. Pour in 1/2 of the mixture, steam for about 30 minutes, after cooked through, remove from the pan and continue with the rest of the mixture.

Tiramisu Cream (inspired by Gordon Ramsay)

200 ml cream, cooled in the fridge
450 gr mascarpone cheese
25 gr icing sugar (or to taste)
1 cup coffee mixture (made from 1 cup boiling water + 2 tsp of instant coffee, only needed 2 tbs for this cream, reserve the rest to moist the cake) *remember my kids eat this cake, so i did not want this coffee's taste overpowered the cake :)*
cocoa powder

It's important to set a bowl and beater in the same temperature with cream, so beforehand leave them in the fridge, at least an hour.

pour mascarpone in the medium bowl, soften using spatula, add 2 tbs of coffee mixture to mascarpone cheese

in the cooled bowl, pour cream and icing sugar mix until stiff, add mascarpone, mix

prepare chocolate cake, pour with the rest of coffee mixture, add cream in the first layer and using an icing bag squeeze to make a dot on top layer, and dust with cocoa powder, serve

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  1. Fantastico... perfecto..chocolato tiramisu....
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