Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sweet Peanut Soup

peanut soup

This dessert brings back my old memory when I work in Malang, small city In Indonesia. There are an old shop sells all sort of Chinese fried bread, but I was there mostly for peanut soup, or so called "wedang kacang" or "kacang kuah". This peanut soup'll yummiliciously melt in your mouth. Usually it served with Chinese savoury fried bread, cakwe, Chinese Indonesian term. I'm sure there are more terms for this kind of bread.

I'll 'bring' this dessert for Mochachocolata Rita's Chinese take out party to celebrate her 88 post. As I think most of friends bring main dishes, I better come up with dessert. ^___^

peanut soup

How to make then ???? well practically it's easy to make, doesn't need much ingredients as long as you have raw blanched peanut, sugar, bit of salt, ginger and and you don't have problem with your tap water.

If you have pressure cooker:
350 gr raw blanched peanut,
75 gr sugar or to taste,
2cm ginger peeled and crushed,
bit of salt
1500 ml water
cook them for 40 minutes .

If pressure cooker still stay there in store, you definitely more time to cook. Soak for one night, and cook for about 2-3 hours in low heat, cook until very tender. It's worthwhile for the -melt in your mouth- peanut soup. I love this.


  1. thanks for bringing something sweet to the party, ta! ^_^

    ...and...happy mother's day yaaaa

  2. one of my husband's fav desserts. Definitely will try making this dessert soon...:)

  3. Rita, asli kok gw gk pernah tau yah ada peanut soup. keknya manarik bener .

  4. rita : sekalian aku bawain baloon gimandang ? hehehehe

    manyaro : lebih lengkap klo ada cakwe ya ^___^, ayuh dweh bikin

    dwiana : aku baru inget ada yg bilang namanya kacang kuah

  5. hi... salam kenal ya.
    apa toko yang dimaksud ada di jalan semeru, malang ya? kebetulan aku besar di malang dan sekarang numpang hidup di jakarta. memang betul di malang disebut kacang kuah. kalau di daerah jateng disebut wedang kacang. itu kesukaan my hubby. memang enak, terutama kalau dimakan panas-panas didampingi cakwe... hmmm... nyam-nyam.

  6. moccabello : ho oh iya tuh semeru...bow kangen dwehhh...
    sayang aku gak punya cakwe, tapi dah abis kok... jadi gak usah dianterin hiahahahah.... *ke-gr-an * xixixi...
    thanks dah mampir sini ^___^

  7. RRRRrriiiiittttaaaaaaa.....

    e-mailin alamat ke aku yahhh...qiqiqiqi


  8. jeng rita, dikau menang kontes ya? selamat ya jeng... ;D


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