Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Behind the Scene, Treasures For Pleasure...

side plate

To have food photographed, sometimes I need other preparation work to be done, prepare the background, hoping the sun shining during a photo session; is this some kind of preparation ? Well this is the fact of such amateur food photographer with low budget like me, or sometimes I eventually prepared a table light with scrunched foil for reflector. Other preparation is to have props ready. This post is about props for my food photography, check my story...

Apart being foodtographiaholic, I like to entertain my friends, I think that where this hobby started, to get the good coordinate of one kind of dinnerware, kinda exciting stuff to do until you just realize deep down in your cabinet, there is new homeware store open in your hidden kitchen.


My biggest collections so far is brand came from corelle, with the kids around, this brand really heavy duty. Called me mad, yes ! There are lot more from this brand, but they already sit nicely in my home country. The one on the picture are style that available here in my kitchen. They've taken for food photography, as they went straight to dinning table after photo session.

Okay...this post also about the un-coordinate one, the one not coming in a set like 4 or 6, the one which doesn't even have a pair, un-matching pattern. Yes I do keep them, for food photography purpose... hell no... I keep them for display too ^_^

They are really nice to have, feast the eyes and pleasure for food photography. They are just 1 or 2 pieces . But handy enough to make a good setup for food photography.


I don't fancy with one color, as long as I like it go ahead.


Some of them are gift from friends.


The one from flea market, straight to my treasure box.


These set above was not coming from expensive store, but they give huge impression on the picture, with their natural colors.


The background are coming from my craft room, scrapbook papers, the one on the middle is another treasure from Mochachocolata Rita, from the event of Chinese Take Out Party. Thanks Rit !

Finally, this post is my submission for Home Food Photography Event, Property, hosted by Dita over Yummy.


  1. Itu! Itu! ITU! Yang bunga-bunga! Yang biru muda! Itu! Ya! Ya ! Ya! Itu! Aku mau!!! *pingsan*

  2. wahh..parahh..banyak banget yang lucu, bagus-bagus pula.. wahh.. bener-bener dehh ya.
    kalo lewat toko yang majang-majang pralatan dapur, apalagi kalo diliat keren, pasti langsung ijo matanya.

  3. ga bisa Dit, itu yg bonga-bonga biru muda sut buat gw ;))

  4. waduh bu.... kok ya dibilang low budget toh. Itu loh props nya cantek2 pisan. ampe melotot mata gw nih liatnya. gk boong emang cantik kok.

    Kita samaan donk yah moto ngandelin matahari. Kadang si matahari corporate ama gw pas habis masak dia nongol. Kadang yah ngumpet. so alhasil gk sempet diabadikan qiqiqiqi

    ini postingan gw soal gila properti:http://craftyku.multiply.com/journal/item/46
    gk usah kasih komen no problem krn gw juga lagi off dulu di mp.

  5. aku yakinnnn ini cuma sebagian isi lemarimu tho mbakyuuuuuuu ... :D .. hayoo ngakuu ... hihihihi.

    btw, aku mau piring yg gambar cupcake ituhhh :D

  6. Beautiful collection of dining ware you have! And I totally agree with dita, I saw the turquoise saucer and immediately went "So pretty!!!" :D

  7. Yah, aku mau yang pink totol ada cupkeknya...lah... posting malah dimau...habis cantik2 seh...koleksinya a lot of girly stuff ;)

  8. Aren't you a dear? These are as beautiful as your food, sweetie!

  9. wadowww rittttttt piring2 and cangkir2 yg motif kembang2 ala country aku juga ga tahannnnnnnn....... (God, pls protect my credit card for being overused this weekend at department stores)

  10. dita : hoeeehoeee... bangun..bangun... jangan pingsan donk, entar piringnya boleh kamu ambil dweh... ada yg punya kaos kaki asem gak ya, dita pingsan nih...

    fhiah:kasian fhi, klo kita cuman lirik... mereka berteriak pakek bahasanya, minta ditolong, beli...beli...

    mindy : aduh gimana nih ya sut, kamu pinsan juga, mana yg lebih lama siuman itu yg dapat piring

    dwi: wee.. low budget sungguhan nih, kan boleh dikasih sebagian, sebagian lagi seh emang nolongin piring2 itu dr pada dipajang di toko kelamaan hehehe..
    dwi aku masih tetep naksir panci imutmu.. yg dari dulu terus terang pengen aku colong itu

    bunda nadine: yg biru ma purple aza kok bun males ah.. ngaturnya lg, mending ambil yg di dapur.
    piring itu boleh dikasih lho bun

  11. ovenhaven: thanks darling. totaly agree with you. it's love at first sight, or whatever... that plate kinda pulled my skirt and kept nagging... buy me..buy me...

    Zita: yang totol itu aku dapet dikasih zit, ini lah nasibnya jadi org yg punya wajah melas hiahahah...

    Patricia: thanks pat, yours are beautiful too

    Mochachocolata rita: please god... make rita spend her creditcard with me.....

  12. Rit, propnya lucu-lucu semuaaaa.....kereeeennnn....

  13. mbak rita : heheh.... lucu ya mbak... thanks mbak....

  14. Hi Rita,

    This is Vanessa, from the kering tempeh recipe asker ;)

    I saw the photo, cant wait to see the recipe to make it myself!!
    Terimakasi Banyak

    Vanessa @ vmd65@hotmail.com

  15. wadooowww..propertinya lucuw2..:P
    yang biru buat gueeee...:P

  16. Napsir panci kecil yang berbunga-bunga.... cakep. Tak pikir iku panci polos sampeyan tempelin kertas kado...hihi

  17. Wow...banyak amat propsnya.... rajin yach nyarinya ...^_^...

  18. kertas-nya lucu2...mangkoknya ngejreng bangets

  19. waduh....
    kertas2nya apik2....
    mau donk....

  20. ooohhhh... tidaaaaaakkkk *kalap* cantik smuaaaaa :-)))


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