Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chocolate- Wrapped Cake

Hi there ... sorry for the lack of posting... my first post on 2008, hiah..... 20th day already ...Happy New Year 2008 friends... hopefully better year heading upon us... Insha Allah...

Sowy ye... bolak balik kesini disuguhin ricotta muffin mulu...gak ada updet-updetan babar blas....senyum donk

It's suppose to be my post on 2007, I didn't make it... I post it anyway hope you don't mind ^_~

It was husband birthday, on last December. Finally I can bake for my own family again. Bake a lot and gone for deliveries. Too bad never make time to shoot my cookies to share with you. I remembered that I have snapshot to a brownie before delivery. The package was actually too tall but it can be fixed to suit the size. I added extra color to packaging. When it come to packaging I miss my birth country. Where packaging with all varieties can be purchased in baking shop with affordable price... well some very very cheap. In here can be purchased in specialty shop with the price that can open your eyes double bigger your original eyes.

brownie 1packet of brownie

Well back to the story. Have lotsa cooking chocolate soon to be expired in 2008, ehhmmm... (the baking was happen in 2007) And black cherries makes my fridge un-closeable. Hah !! husband is fruit lover, he loves anyfruit according to season. Checked my fridge and got sour cream. And viola.... chocolate sour cake with black cherries for hubby.

sour cream chocolate cake

I wished I show you step by step to make the chocolate that wrapped this cake, though I enjoyed to much spreading the melted chocolate, wrapped, put on the fridge and suddenly I remembered I didn't take some picture to show you the steps.....ooppsss sorry.. you can view in this site tho

choc wrapping

sliced sour cream chocolate cake


  1. first post and u amazed us with this cake! I'm looking forward to more. *wink*

  2. Love the pictures! Love them, love them, love them...!

  3. Wow! This is truly beautiful, Rita!

    And the people who received those adorable boxes are so lucky!

  4. yummy.....yummy...
    finally.. new post in 2008...
    can't wait to see your next baking pictures... ^-^

  5. daphne,pennylane,Patricia scarpin, Margarets: thanks friends, happy new year to all of you. will post more often hopefully...

  6. yum! glad you're back again Rit :D

  7. thanks udah dikasih tau cara2nya ampe detail lagi. Good looking cake and nice pic!

  8. this cake looks gorgeous. I love the chocolate wrapping idea, but too scared to try it ... i am right now in an insanely hot n sweaty country , which does not allow tempering with chocolate,fresh cream and meringues !

  9. Hello! Found your blog by accident when I was searching for "chocolate wrapped cakes." Beautiful cake! Question: how did you get the texture on the chocolate collar? I thought once you remove the wax paper/plastic the chocolate would be smooth?

    Thanks for posting your pictures of this lovely cake!


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