Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Bun

sweet bun

As a matter of fact I baked bun quite often. Local bakeries are selling bun, somehow they taste better when you make them yourself.

I don't have bread machine, but my Kithenaid (dough hook) mixer always does the job. It comes fairly close to kneading the dough as well as a pair of hands. If you must use a mixer, use a heavy-duty model, as these heavy doughs may burn out the motor of a less powerful mixer.

proofing the sweet bun

This recipe's been with me for long time and been tested over and over. I always make starter first, even I use instant yeast. The good thing with this starter is you will know the yeast is in a good condition, you will notice it from the frothy appears on the top of the milk mixture. If it does not, discard and use a fresh package of yeast

I use bread improver as well, they can change the flavour and characteristics of the bread. Bread improver can be found in bread flour aisle in supermarket. It's not like chemical, some I found has natural product. You may check this ingredient shop too, they sell quite good quality ingredients, for chocolate and bread making.


Spray the rising bread with water before you apply the egg wash can result soft, shiny, and golden top. You can either stuff them with filling or just leave it as an empty bun shape. In this picture I shaped them using muffins pan. The filling choice is up to your liking, red bean paste, chocolate, cheese cream or cheddar cheese.

Sweet Bun
400 gr bread flour (high in protein flour)
100 gr cake flour
100 gr sugar
1 tsp bread improver
1 tsp fine salt
3 tbs (45 ml) sweet condensed milk
4 yolks
100 gr butter

250 ml lukewarm fresh milk
1 tbs sugar (take from 100 gr sugar from ingredients list above)
11 gr instant yeast

make starter first by mix sugar in a lukewarm milk and add yeast, rest about 10 minute until it get frothy.

Place flours, sugar, salt and bread improver in a bowl and lightly mix. Add the rest of the ingredients including starter/milk mixture and knead for about 10-15 minutes until the dough gets smooth and shiny (you can use the kitchenaid or heavy duty food processor). The dough should be sticky and wet, leave the dough in the bowl and cover with plastic cling wrap, rest in a warm draught-free place for about an hour and a half (or until it doubles in size).

Punch down dough and place on a lightly floured surface. It is now ready to form into buns. To make same size buns, roll dough into sausage and cut into small dough and scale to 30-50 grm each. Stuff them with filling and shape into ball. Put buns 5 cm apart in the lightly oiled tin.
Let rise until doubled in size, 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C. Beat egg yolk with milk and a bit of salt, brush over buns. Bake 20 minutes.

baked sweet bun

sweet bun innard
with cheddar filling


  1. awww.. i can pop that in my mouth anytime!

  2. salam kenal dan ingin nanya, bagaimana prosesnya bila menggunakan bread machine: kapan starter ditaruhnya ?. Rotinya bagus lho dan pasti enak.

  3. mamamia.....roti nya pasti enak...
    mau.. please.....

  4. daphne: go ahead I bake some more today ^_^

    chenmarlin: klo pakek bread machine, biasanya cairan dulu,dry ingredients, trus yeast masuk paling terakhir. tapi klo kamu mo ngaduknya saat itu juga bisa aza starternya dimasukin dulu. asal abis itu langsung di process ( no delay) kabarin ya sukses gaknya ^_^

    margarets: hayoh deh mo dipaketin apa ya ^_^

  5. Wah, jadi pengen bikin roti lagi. Yang ini keliatan enak banget!

  6. Bread buns look amazing I bet they would go great with any of those fillings. :-)

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  8. kitchen aid dough hooknya emang bagus, gak perlu breadmaker jadinya... pengen mbakkk

  9. buns nya bener2 imut2! someday bener2 gw pengen bikin nih say.

  10. Kedai Hamburg: bikin donk mbak...... obat kangen sama indo bakery nih heheh..

    Jeena : indeed they are soft and yum, try this kind of oriental bun. You gonna love it ^_^

    Andaliman: iya... dasarnya aku males ngulet-ngulet pakek tangan... jdnya emang nolong banget tuh mixer

    Dwiana : bener lho bikin ! awas klo gak hahahah... ngancam sungguhan nih

  11. Rotinya enak ya? jadi pengen nyoba nih......nyontek resepnya ya....

  12. hi..mba rita. Salam kenal neh. Rotinya looks yummy banget...nyontek ya resepnya...;)

  13. mba, aku udah nurutin step by step resep sweet bun mu yang cute nian...tapi kok ga mau ngembang yah? Yeast nya aja ga mau frothy setelah dicampur ke susu. Padahal semua udah fresh dari supermarket, ga ada prod yang expired. Kenapa yah??? Apa tanganku ini memang ga bisa bikin roti yah?? Udah desperate banget makan sweet bun kayak gini, apalagi liat foto rotinya mba yang bikin ngiler itu...

  14. Anonymous: aduh Anonymous kacian kali kok sampe gak jadi seh sweet bunnya. tapi yang jadi pertanyaan kenapa itu yeast gk bisa frothy yak ?
    klo yeastnya ok, suhu ruangan mendukung gak sampe sepuluh menit dah berbusa-busa kok, susunya anget kan ?


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