Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Flowery Cupcakes

I had two invitations last weekend...

flowery patch

One is dinner invitation from our family's friend. I knew for sure they love chocolate, I didn't turn up with chocolate dessert though... *giggle...* I tested my new white cupcake recipe. It much easier than chocolate one. ... I was playing with them a bit. One cupcake one design ^_~. I am very happy with the results, and had a blast making it. More than happy knowing they love them too. I got a huge hug from the daughter, well yeah she is twice my size.


On the other day, another gathering. These daisy cupcake came along with me. I'm quite happy with the frosting, my cream cheese frosting stayed in their shape on warm weather ... the cupcakes themselves didn't stay long in the dessert table. Will post the recipe in another entry. Insha'Allah.

daisy cupcakes

daisy cupcakes2


  1. wow..cantik loch...kayak yg bikinnya..^_^.. mau donk resepnya..btw bunga2, daun, butterfly, & heartnya itu dari apa? plastic icing yach?.. ajarin..please... thanks and blessings

  2. wah, bagus banget, warnanya pakai apa mbak? wilton?

  3. hi..hi.... speechless...
    always creative seperti biasa....
    keep on baking n cooking mbak..

  4. i love those daisy cupcakes! those icing is lovely and not to mention the colour!! nice!

  5. ritaa...aku suka yang mini2 pake daisy...mmmhhmmm...gemessssss

  6. mbakkkk...cantik banget CC nya...
    yang daisynya juga kerenn

  7. Raphaelle Bakes : iya El,semua hiasan dari plastic icing atawa fondant,kecuali heartnya, bisa dibeli jadi tuh.

    nindita : thanks say.. iya pakek wilton

    MargaretS, daphne,peni respati,Fitta : thanks friends for your thoughtful comments

  8. cakep2 nih Mba, btw aku mau bikin cake yang kayak strawberry shortcake-nya Mba Rita, tapi blm tau tekniknya, btw pls email me caranya doonk, thanks titisagie@hotmail.com

  9. wow... they loook pretty AND yummy! ^__^

  10. mba, bunganya pake fondant ya..?
    ajarin aku cara pake nya donk...
    makasih ya...

  11. ti : SSCnya pakek loyang wilton yng dah ada detailnya say

    saweena : thanks love... are you *** ??? ^_^

    sebait pesan: iya say bunganya pakek fondant gampang aza ah kan cuman di potong pakek cetakan/ cookie cutter ^_~


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