Monday, August 13, 2012

Swaying Flower Cookies, Kembang Goyang

This old style swaying flower cookies or better known as kembang goyang or lentera or lentari, they are formed using rossete iron. Which is easyly found in Indonesian market, however i believe that some other countries also used this rossete iron too. 

The term of kembang goyang also refers to flower metal shape that usually worn or put as hair accessories as part of javanese traditional costume. The shape is equally same with this rossette iron except as it is an accessories it is more artfull.

Found recipe of kembang goyang in here The main reason I used this recipe is because she used glutonious rice flour, I dont have other explanation why is it good to use glutinous rice flour rather than it gives a good crunch texture to this fried cookie, as I always use it whenever I make bidaran, also another kind of fried snack.

A little advise, make sure do not submerge the mold in the batter and when it won't separate from its mold  try to reduce the heat down.

Swaying Flower Cookies, Kembang Goyang
100 gr glutinous rice  flour
100 gr rice flour 
100 gr corn starch 
3 to 4 tbs sugar
pinch of salt
1 egg
1 tbs of lime stone water ( 1 tsp of lime stone diluted in 3 tbs of water, once it seperate spoon out the clear water)  
1 tbs of ginger juice (made from crushed ginger mix in water)
350 ml coconut milk

oil for frying 

Whisk all ingredients in large bowl (except oil), prepare oil in deep fry pan and place the mold (rossete iron) in the oil.  Once the rossete iron is hot enough, dip it into the mixture (it will stick on the hot mold). Dip it just below the top of the mold, do not submerse.
Put it back in the oil and sway the mold to release the batter, if it won't separate from its mold, that means u need to reduce the heat. Deep fry until light golden color. Place on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Kembang Goyang(Lentari)

Tepung ketan 100 gr
Tepung beras 100gr
Maizena 100 gr
1 sdk makan air kapur sirih
1 sdk makan air perasan jahe
1 butir telur
400 cc santan (Rita pakek 350 cc)
3 sampai 4 sdm gula.tergantung selera (pakek sendok ukur)
sedikit garam
Campur semua bahan, aduk rata.Panaskan minyak celupkan cetakan keminyak panas lalu ke adonan,  lalu celupkan lagi keminyak panas sambil digoyang-goyang sampai lepas dari cetakan. Begitu seterusnya sampai habis. Klo adonan tidak terlepas dari catakan berarti api terlalu panas, kurangi api, harusnya adonan akan terlepas saat masih agak lembek.


  1. Hi Rita,

    I'm from Melbourne too. Nice to know through blogging. Your blog is awesome with all the beautiful shots of your delicious creation.

    Happy to follow you for more.


  2. Hi Rita,

    Nice to hear from you at my blog...

    About your castella cake comment, there is a few versions of castella cake that I have tried before. Some (like the ones I have tried in Paris Baguette at Korea) can be fluffy but some (like the ones I tried in a famous Asian bakery at Sydney) can be slightly dense and compact. However, the addition of cake stabilser is totally essential in order to bake the dense kind of Castella cake and so I have chose to bake this version which doesn't require any cake stabiliser. Both the denser and Biren's version can very delicious in their own unique texture and taste.

    I will stay tune to check out your Castella cake :D Happy Baking!



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