Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Egg Drop Corn Soup and Bali Holiday

A cool day outside welcoming us when we arrived at Melbourne Airport, sun was peeking behind the clouds, hubby was busy making a call to friend who's waiting for us somewhere. Finally we met at the point that they both agree. As we drove to our street,  we live close to the airport, I noticed the sun was gone...  it was grey and gloomy, however i asked to my self if i feel cold as we arrived from tropical weather, it was not bad, not that cold. 

Our neighbour greeted us with her lovely smile, I approached her as I landed her a kiss on her cheek, she's one lovely 77 year old neighbour. Opening the white door of our place, straight away went to my kitchen, smiling as I entered, smelt the fragrant of the furniture, it's lavender mix with coconut..... love to be home....

Hey..hey... enuff narrative, all I wanted to say is sorry for leaving this blog long enough, that if I grew lemon tree on this blog, now I'm ready to pick some lemons to be squeezed for honey lemon tea to sip in this  cold winter. Ok, without further type here are some pics from our Bali's holiday... we picked quite place for rest at Bumi Ayu Sanur before we moved to Santika Premiere Beach Resort, which was awesome.

This time my post holiday sydrome recovered so fast, I switched my holiday mood to be active and alert mood within one day, holiday meant to be enjoying the food at your will in any restaurants or warungs, while here enjoy cooking at your will, And I'm enjoying it I almost forgot that I used to get blue of this cooking and foodie thing. 


At the kitchen Corn soup with egg drop would be a good companion to embrace the cold weather. Chinese soup, but  not so Chinese anymore I reckon, it is kind of simple to prepare-soup, anyone from any country could easily prepare this soup. It's basically pouring and stirring at the same time, beaten eggs into hot boiling broth.

Egg Drop Corn Soup

Source from Asian`s Kitchen
1 liter water
2 cube Knorr's chicken flavor/3 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
4 large eggs,beaten well
1 tbsp ground pepper powder
1 large can creamy sweet corn,about 400 ml
200gm/1 piece boneless chicken breast,cut cube
3 tbsp corn flour + 2 tbsp cold water dilute
salt to taste
handful cut scallion


1:Bring 1 liter water to boil in stock pot at high heat,then add in chicken cube or bouillon powder.
2:When the stock rolling boil add in cube chicken,creamy sweet corn ,ground pepper and corn flour dissolved.Keep stirring the soup until bubbly,then slowly pour in beaten eggs into the soup to make it look like flower.Stir again to mix all the ingredients well.
3:Remove stock pot from heat and check the seasoning.Add salt if needed. Dish out ,sprinkle with some scallion and serve warm.


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