Friday, March 18, 2011

Warrnambool and Great Ocean Road

My favourite part of summer is "packing up and heading off" to the some  places to a rented en suite cabin or just build our camping tent.

Summer equally dose of fun, equally holiday, equally trip.

It was Warrnambool that I and my family visited, last December.This time we packed up our tent gear. We headed off to South before Christmas came. The site was quiet as people were still at their home to celebrate Christmas. There was some caravans and campers too, less than 2 hands count.

Warrnambool is a thriving city with a population of more than 30,000. It's the city by the sea. Located at the end of Great Ocean Road . Approximately a 3 hour drive via Geelong on princess Highway or Hamilton Highway.  Only 50 minutes to Twelve Apostle on the Great Ocean Road, where we learnt history some of the notorious shipwreck along this coast. It was a unique experience for sure.

As the day unfolded we enjoyed rest under tent and shelter, biking, glorious foods and filled our hunger of adventures. Soaking up in the prettiness of this regional town.  

The next day, we packed up early in the morning ready to explore another side of Warrnambool. Port Fairy that is. The weather was actually sunny but the sea breezes was so strong, not kind of the breeze we expected to do seaside walking, though, it won't change the mood to enjoy the view.

We ended up in an antique shop, regrettably they won't allow me to steal the atmosphere in to my camera. No photos allowed.

Back to Warrnambool, Lady Bay was our last visit today, as it's close to where we were staying. Someone wanted to ride a boat. Who would have guessed?  Not me, apparently! Hubby and the kids had fun riding a boat. While someone else had to take picture, and that had to be me.

On day four, after we packed up tent, we didn't want to miss the chance to wander the greatest of Great Ocean Road, there were Loch Ard Gorge , London Arch, and some of amazing places along Great Ocean Road, except The Twelve Apostles, as it was too crowded, our car could barely move in the long queue. So we decided to go back to Port Cambell, and straight back home to Melbourne.

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