Monday, May 23, 2011

Simit Cookies

On one occasion a good friend of mine brought Turkish food to share on our lunch table. She knows that I am always excited to learn other countries cuisine. I guess this is one beneficiary of cultural diversity. She brought  Kisir and Simit. Kisir is a salad made from couscous and some herbs. While Simit is actually kind of Turkish  bread, it came to my surprise that Simit also comes in a cookie. Mind you, this is kind of savoury cookie. Not sure if I was too hungry or the cookies was so good. I lurve this. Graciously, she gave a sheet of paper, Simit recipe was written on it, she knows me very well.

The first batch that I made was not quite what I expected, it just matter of different understanding of measurement. Second batch I'd rather use my interpretation and common sense about making pastry. I was delighted with the result. It's a gem. It won't make your sweet tooth hooray, precisely.  But you would struggle to stop devouring this donut's shape cookies. 


Simit Cookies
{I used Australian measuring spoon, 1 tbs equal 20ml}
300 gr flour  
1 tsp salt
½ tsp baking soda125 gr butter
3 tbs canola/olive oil
1 egg yolk
2 tbs icing sugar3 tbs yogurt  

1 egg white
sesame seeds

Using food processor or mixer with paddle beater, mix flour , salt, baking soda, butter, oil, yolk, icing sugar and yogurt until all combine and dough starts to form. Shape into rings, coat with egg white and dip into sesame seeds. Place on the baking sheet, and bake until just golden brown.



  1. hmm, yummy rit, patut dicoba nih resepnya. fotonya cakep rit

  2. pengen cobbaaaa ;) cakeepp dehh fotonyaah

  3. Interesting cookies. Mirip2 donut kecil yach Mbak Rita...crunchy ga?

  4. Ira: thanks ra, your comment means alot to me :) coba raa coba, enak lho

    Elsye: lo makk yg lebih canggih, eh coba deh, resepnya biasa, tapi rasanya mantaff

    Roosy: iya ros jadi crunchy, kan ada coating putih telor ma wijennya, dalamnya gurih. Lidah kita deh pokoke hehhe


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