Wednesday, May 13, 2009

River Cruised And Balado Terong

inside the vessel
It was last April, we eventually decided to go on river cruise through Yarra River, which is one of our long list to do in this list of "pretending to be tourist".

the vesselthe bridge

It was nice sunny day... just perfect for day out. We went outside onto the deck to enjoy the scenery and charm of the city while one friendly crew kept coming on the deck to remind the guest if there will be a low bridge ahead. Let me check my memory ... they are Queens Bridge, Kings Bridge and Princes Bridge, lol... the prep kids too, would easily remember the name of those royal family.

To be truth the scenery was not as what I pictured on my mind, there were some buildings under construction, that's really distracted. Overall it such lovely cruising.

Back to kitchen I have eggplant recipe to post. This dish used to be the last food I'd eat but now it wasn't, my favorite one indeed. It tastier and creamy at the same time the hot sensation is really a bonus...

balado terong

Balado Terong

3 eggplants/aubergine, cut it in the middle longwise, then slice into 3 or 4
slice of galangal
3 kaffier lime leaves
Prawn is optional

paste ingredients:
1 medium red onion, or 5 red shallots, sliced
5 cloves garlic (I do love garlic, u may reduce to 3 )
3 red chilies, sliced or one medium capsicum plus hot chillies
1 / 2 tomato sliced

heat fry pan with little oil add red onion and garlic until fragrance add red chillies and tomato mix until tender, remove from the pan set aside.When it get cold process to make paste

to cook eggplant some people like to cook in a bit of oil, but i like it in deep fry and hot, so the eggplant don't absorb much of the oil, but it cook by the heat of the oil. Another way in heatproof dish arrange the eggplant and spray with canola oil then oven.

ok... after all done

in the fry pan heat a bit of oil add the paste, galanggal, kaffier lime leave until fragrance... If u want to add prawn this is the time to add prawn, mix until it cooked through, don't forget salt and sugar to taste. Add egg plant and serve
balado terong


  1. Lova balado terong! kalo udah makan ini, bisa tambah terus dehhhh nasinya :)

  2. Whoa,,, make me drool...:-)~~~~~
    buka kursus masak n bikin kue dong...
    mau daftar..


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