Monday, October 1, 2007

Peanut Cookies

Finally I found the right peanut cookie's recipe that I was looking for. This delicate cookie has the whole peanut flavour without giving disturbed by other flavours. it's just right, peanut !

I cut the dough using bottom of cake decorating nozzle ( always press on the flour before cutting the dough) When it came out it shaped like a dome. There was a bit of incident though, I forgot to check the oven temperature when I start baking it, it's too hot for this cookie, and there's slightly crack on the top. Otherwise this cookie it just perfect.

I got the recipe from fellow Multiply, Dewi Joris. Thanks Dew !

Peanut Cookies

Peanut Cookies

(Click for bahasa version)

Ingredients: (half the original recipe)
500 gr flour
250 gr confectioner's sugar/icing sugar
250 gr oil ( I was using peanut oil)
250 gr ground peanut (toss whole peanut, after cooled for awhile rub with your hands, to peel the skin off, and grind)
1 tbs vanilla extract or powder
yolk for brushing


Mix all dry ingredients flour, sugar, ground peanut, and vanilla powder. Pour in oil mix well.
Roll out into lightly flour board to 1 cm thickness, cut into desire shapes. Brush with egg yolk.
Bake on very lightly greased baking sheet in 170 degrees for 10-15 minutes


  1. Mbak Rita, Peanut cookies nya.,. enak yah...... berarti gak boleh cuma minta 1 biji dong..
    satu toples deh...:p
    Will try to make it soon...
    Thanks for sharing the recipe...

  2. setengah kilo jadi 3 toples kecil, jadi ambil aza dah satu toples ^_^.... bawa toples sendiri ya hahahah....

  3. This reminds me of Chinese New Year celebrated back in S'pore. My hoobie's favorite cookie!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. I used a similar recipe for almond cookies!! Those looks fantastic. I would love to have one! =)

  5. rit sudah lama daq gak mampir kau sudah masak banyak sekali hhihih, gw mau donk itu peanut cookies nya liat gambarnya aja gw lgs ngiler ces ces...

  6. rit sudah lama daq gak mampir kau sudah masak banyak sekali hhihih, gw mau donk itu peanut cookies nya liat gambarnya aja gw lgs ngiler ces ces...sunny

  7. Wah perlu dicoba nihh..makasi dah share Mba..

  8. To Tigerfish : thanks for stopping here. yeah, sometime we got store bought peanut cookie imported from sg. We love that too.

    To Daphne : Perth- mel is not too far yeah, bring your own jar, I'll fill it up for you ^_^

    To Sunny : Suuunnn.... wah kangen berat nih... iya tuh dah dimasakin banyak tuh, tunggu apalagi ? ^_^

    To Anne : An coba deh, aku juga coba versi yang dikasih almond... yum...

  9. hi...dah lama gk mampir, udah ada postingan kue lagi nih...*ngiler dot com*

    btw, Naufal itu 6.8thn n Diaz 3.2thn, sm kek anak Rita yg plg besar yah


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