Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Es Teler

Es Teler is Indonesian syrupy concoction of chopped jack fruit,young coconut meat,chopped avocado and creamy coconut milk topped with crushed ice. It's available here in Melbourne in some Indonesian restaurant called Es Teller 77. Somehow, every time we have this drink, I ended up in the need to make homemade one.

It's really easy to make since almost all ingredients are coming in a can. Except the avocado. Those canned fruit available in Asian shop. I added mine with nata de coco, a chewy translucent jelly cube also available in Asian shop come in plastic packet.

es teler

Es Teller
1 can of young coconut meat in syrup
1 can jack fruit in syrup
1/2 cup creamy coconut milk, microwaved until just boil and set aside to cool
4 chopped avocados
1 packet Nata de coco(optional)
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk (or to taste)
crushed ice

Open all cans and reserve the syrup in a medium bowl, using kitchen scissors cut coconut meat and jack fruit in small size, mix all fruits, coconut milk and nata de coco in the bowl. Serve in glass topped up with crushed ice and sweetened condensed milk.


  1. Andaliman & Deetha : bawa gelas gak ?? bawa sendiri ya hehehe

  2. Mbak, es menadonya kalo ga ada fresh soursop berani ganti dengan essense-nya ga'?


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