Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Award And Award

Caese from Abale has so generously awarded me with 'The Spreader of Love Award" for which I feel very honoured. How good is it living in a blogger world ? And as a bonus she gave me also "Forever Friends Awards"

I'm awarding them to my friends who have visited my blog regularly and taken the time either to make comments, or for viewing my blog...

Margie, Yuli, Chenmarlin, Elny, Daphne, Andaliman, Dwiana, and of course YOU


  1. Kayaknya aku harus belajar tentang fondant deh...dikau memberiku semangat...he he he he..bravoooooo.

  2. Huaaa ... terharu aku mambacanya mbak :). Terima kasih atas pertemanannya selama iniy ... walopun kita gak pernah ketemu muka ... hehehehe.

  3. Hi..thanks for the Award...wow it's so touching...I'm so blessed to know you as my friend..you are so good, open, generous, pretty... so much more...

    Thanks once again...



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